Market Facilitation Program Launched

USDA VT State Executive Director Wendy Wilton to Host Four Informational Sessions to Answer Questions

Are you a farmer or rancher whose commodities have been directly impacted by unjustified foreign retaliatory tariffs, resulting in the loss of traditional export markets? USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) will administer the Market Facilitation Program (MFP) to provide payments to corn, cotton, dairy, hog, sorghum, soybean, and wheat producers. The sign-up period for MFP runs through January 15, 2019.   Eligible producers should apply after harvest is
complete, as payments will only be issued once production is reported.                            For more information, go to:          

Associated Industries of Vermont (AIV) Forest Policy Task Force, and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Annual Year-End Meeting

Thursday, December 13th
The Steakhouse Restaurant  Berlin Registration 8:30 am
Meeting 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
$35 (members) $45 (non-members)
Cost includes:
   lunch, morning, and afternoon      refreshments, a conference            room, and materials
If you wish to attend:
Contact William Sayer, Ed   Larson, or Bill Driscoll and you will receive a  registration  form.     
    Mail the form to:
    Ed Larson
    Vermont SFI c/o AIV
    PO Box 630                                         Montpelier, Vt. 05601

We will meet with leaders in the VT Agency of Natural Resources, the Green Mountain National Forest, and the Silvio Conte Refuge to discuss the full spectrum of state and federal policies affecting those who earn their living by growing, managing, harvesting, transporting, or manufacturing forest, wood, and paper products, including wood energy used to produce heat or electricity.  Working forests and farms, and the people who work them, are the foundation of Vermont’s rural economy, character, and culture.  Working lands also produce a wide range of environmental benefits  ….. including habitat for certain species of birds and other wildlife, renewable energy, and the best and most efficient known process for absorbing carbon dioxide, and for producing materials that store or replace carbon. 


Crop Insurance Deadline Nears in Vermont             Apple and Peach Growers Need to Make Insurance Decisions Soon

The USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) reminds Vermont apple and peach growers that the final date to apply for crop insurance coverage for the 2019 crop year is November 20. Current policyholders who wish to make changes to their existing policies also have until November 20 to do so. Federal crop insurance is critical to the farm safety net. It helps producers and owners manage revenue risks and strengthens the rural economy. Coverage for apples and peaches is available in select counties. Additional information can be found on the Actuarial Information Browser page on the RMA website. Price elections for the 2019 crop year are $12.95 per bushel for fresh apples, $4.30 per bushel for processing apples, $37.90 per bushel for Varietal Group A apples, $15.40 for Varietal Group B apples, and $11.40 for Varietal Group C apples. Peach price elections are $51.25 per bushel for fresh peaches and $9.00 for processing peaches. Service Centers and online at the RMA.
For more information about crop insurance and the modern farm safety net, visit  

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Weekly Pricing for AMERIGAS                                  Exclusively for Farm Bureau Members

October 29th,  2018

  •                         COMMERCIAL - FARMS & Businesses
  • 0 – 2500 GALS                                                                   $1.79
  • 2501 – 6500 GALS                                                          $1.74
  • 6501 + GALS                                                                       $1.69
  •                                                    RESIDENTIAL
  • 0 – 400   Gallons                                                          $2.49
  • 401– 999   Gallons                                                     $2.29
  • 1000 +    Gallons                                                          $2.19

Weekly Pricing for Suburban Propane                   Exclusively for Farm Bureau Members

November 20th, 2018

  • Propane    1 - 999 gallons                               $2.7272
  • Propane     1000 - 4,999 gallons                 $2.4272
  • #2 Fuel Oil                                                                       $2.7705
  • Kerosene                                                                         $3.0719
  • On/Off Road Diesel                                              $2.8283