Scott Birch


First Vice President:

Joanna Lidback


Second Vice President:

Andrew DeLaBruere



Vernon Hurd



Marjorie Urie


Young Farm Chair:

Kelly Richardson



Resolutions to be Approved by the Orleans County Farm Bureau October 20, 2016

1. OCFB supports legislation reducing the sales and use tax exemption requirement of agricultural machinery and equipment to 75%.

2. OCFB supports legislation to prevent unauthorized persons with fraudulent and false pretenses from gaining access to Agricultural Production Facilities.

3. OCFB strongly supports the continued financial support of the 2+2 scholarship program for Vermont Farm Youth.

4. OCFB supports more review on sites designated for commercial wind and solar power.

5. OCFB supports restoring the Vermont Current Use Program is its previous version, prior to 2015 changes.

6. OCFB supports current regulations on raw milk sales and is opposed to the expansion of raw milk sales.

7. OCFB supports the use of satellite manure pits when warranted as long as they are approved and properly sited.

8. OCFB supports fighting for fair and reasonable “Required Agricultural Practices” as a top priority for 2016-2017 for Vermont Farm Bureau.

9. OCFB encourages the University of Vermont Extension to add a Dairy Specialist to its' Orleans County Office.

• OCFB opposes connecting water quality initiative penalties with the voluntary, contractual current use program.

Orleans County Farm Bureau wishes to remove:

1. OCFB supports a national voluntary biotechnology labeling solution.

2. OCFB supports legislative effort to provide a healthcare program that emphasizes free market competition and consumer freedom of choice.

3. OCFB supports the use of net income to determine eligibility and premiums if income sensitivity is used as an indicator, in any new healthcare initiative.