Calendar of Events and Meetings 2018


 Jackie Folsom will be representing VTFB at the following meetings:


  Nov 27th           VT Dairy Producers Association 


                                                                  County Meetings

                                         Stay Tuned for Meeting Times and Places


 Please feel free to email or call the state office to report any upcoming meetings.

   Email:                    Phone:  802-434-5646




Dec 1st, 2018       Vermont Agriculture Grants


 Dec 14th, 2018    Environmental Quality Incentives Program


 Feb 1st , 2019      Forest Management Activity Reports


Extensions may be granted if the landowner can prove to the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation that he/she had been prevented by accident, mistake, or misfortune from filing the FMAR by the February 1st deadline.    For more information, visit their website at:



                         2019 New York Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Conference

                                                          Tentative Schedule, February 8-9, 2019

                    Friday, Feb. 8:

                              Heroes, Villains and their Motivations: Getting beyond “tell your story” 

        In this talk, Vance Crowe will discuss why some stories are more compelling than others,            articulating why it is so easy for consumers to believe that the critics of modern agriculture are        the heroes and the villains are the companies and individuals that have been successful.  Vance        will discuss how individuals can think about articulating their challenges being a successful            farmer in the modern age so that consumers can relate and cheer for you to succeed online, in          person and even in the grocery store.             


                   Saturday, Feb. 9:

                                    Workshop TBA

                                    Workshop TBA