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Vermont Farm Bureau - About VTFB
Vermont Farm Bureau - About VTFB
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Vermont Farm Bureau - News and Publications
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Vermont Farm Bureau Sponsor/Vendors at Jay Peak - Thursday, November 5 - Friday, November 6


Agri-King  -

is an animal nutrition company committed to the success and profitability of livestock producers worldwide. Known for its precise feed analyses, highly fortified products, and knowledgeable staff, Agri-King strives to help livestock producers get the most out of each pound of feed and each head of livestock.

Silo-King® is Agri-King’s multi-purpose forage and grain treatment program for use on corn silage, haylage, large and small square bales, round bales, balage, high moisture cracked grains and small grain silages.


Nationwide Insurance
Whether you farm or not, Vermont Farm Bureau members can save with Nationwide® All Farm Bureau members can receive significant savings on auto, farm and other insurance & financial services products. Find an agent near you. For farmers Nationwide® offers Farm Certified Agents. See how talking with someone who understands farming can help your operation. 


NOFA Vermont

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont is a nonprofit association of farmers, gardeners, and consumers working to promote an economically viable and ecologically sound Vermont food system for the benefit of current and future generations.


Call Farm First 1-877-493-6216 for your password to visit

Serving All Vermont Farm Owners

As a Vermont Farm Owner, you and your family members living on the farm are now automatically covered by Farm First, a free and confidential business and personal service.


Call us at 1-877-493-6216 anytime, day or night! 



Rouse Tire Sales
At Rouse Tire Sales we are between you and the road!

Call one of our locations or contact us online at

28 Willow Drive Middlebury, VT 05753 (802) 388-4053
348 Boyer Circle Williston, VT 05495(802) 651-0841

We offer Exclusive Savings to Vermont Farm Bureau Members*
10% off all labor to include farm service or any shop labor. 5% off any passenger, light truck , farm, medium truck tire including recaps and OTR tires.
*To receive discount please present your Vermont Farm Bureau Card at the time of purchase and/or service.




QBE NAU is a leading crop insurance company passionate about serving the American farmer. We’ve grown over the years by providing outstanding customer service and leading-edge technology. As a division of QBE Insurance Group Ltd., one of the top 20 insurers and reinsurers worldwide, we have the financial strength necessary for today’s insurance environment. Arthur Carroll Insurance Agency will be there to represent QBE NAU.


Farm Bureau Bank

Let Farm Bureau Bank help reach your financial goals. Our banking products include special member-only rates on a vehicle, equipment and recreational loans with up to 100% financing. We offer FDIC-insured deposit accounts, personal and business credit cards plus more. 

Start saving with your Farm Bureau membership today! To apply, or for more information visit or call 1-800-492-3276. 


NEMOP – New England Mail Order Pharmacy

A Vermont Farm Bureau Member Benefit  New England Mail Order Pharmacy is Vermont’s only mail order pharmacy. NEMOP now accepts Vermont Medicaid, and NEMOP pricing is more competitive and affordable for Vermont Farm Bureau members.

• Valid prescriptions delivered to you in days, not weeks.
• Call us toll-free anytime to place your order. During
   business hours, you’ll reach a real person, never an
   automated attendant.
• Our pharmacists are available to answer your questions when you call.
• Up to a 90 day supply of medication. 

• NEW Affordable Extended Supply Generic Program,
   call for details!
• Refills available 24/7 on our website, by phone or via your smartphone.

Call Toll-Free 1-888-778-8667


Suburban Propane

Market pricing of PROPANE products will include a RACK plus differential (as determined by direct and indirect costs incurred by Suburban Propane). 1 to 999 gallons (for the heating season) Rack plus $1.15. 1000 to 4999 gallons will be the Rack price plus .85¢. #2 FUEL OIL base cost uses the Laid-in Price plus .475¢. Both On and Off Road Diesel use the Laid-in Price plus .475¢. Call 1-800-776-7263 or visit


Vermont Community Loan Fund

The Vermont Community Loan Fund creates opportunities that lead to healthy communities and financial stability for all Vermonters. VCLF is a mission-driven, community-focused alternative lender. We make loans to local businesses, community organizations & nonprofits, child care providers and developers of affordable housing who don’t qualify for a loan from a traditional lender. We combine our loans with financial consulting and business development services to make sure our borrowers have access to everything they need to succeed.  


Frazer Agency, Inc

Frazer Agency, Inc. offers insurance coverage for personal and business lines farm products.

You are eligible for The Frazer Agency‘s farm product!  A comprehensive policy covering your farm or hobby farm exposure from top to bottom.  Don’t run the risk of your regular homeowner policy not covering a claim!We can cover most any farm exposure small or large.  We specialize in dairy farms, sugaring exposures, and hay.  Our agency is a Certified On Your Side Agency.  We have been trained to help determine how to control losses and cover your farm correctly.

We have partnered with the Vermont Farm Bureau as the sponsoring insurance company.

The Frazer Agency is a Master Farm Certified Agency.  We have attained the Master level through trainings and certifications.  Stuart Farnham is highly trained to assess your needs as a farmer, whether small or large, and provide you with a quote to fit all your needs and wants. The Frazer Agency will help you prepare for the extraordinary.



Interested in Solar Energy?


SunCommon believes that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and safer world- and clean energy is where it starts. Energy from the sun can power our lives, heat our homes and fuel our cars.

Our mission is to tear down the barriers to renewable energy. We do that by making it easy and affordable for all Vermonters to go solar.

Save Money. Go Solar.


NASS - National Agricultural Statistics Services


The USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) conducts hundreds of surveys every year and prepares reports covering virtually every aspect of U.S. agriculture. Production and supplies of food and fiber, prices paid and received by farmers, farm labor and wages, farm finances, chemical use, and changes in the demographics of U.S. producers are only a few examples.

NASS is committed to providing timely, accurate, and useful statistics in service to U.S. agriculture. To uphold our continuing commitment, NASS will:

  • Report the facts on American agriculture, facts needed by people working in and depending upon U.S. agriculture.
  • Provide objective and unbiased statistics on a preannounced schedule that is fair and impartial to all market participants.
  • Conduct the Census of Agriculture every five years, providing the only source of consistent, comparable, and detailed agricultural data for every county in America.
  • Serve the needs of our data users and customers at a local level through our network of State field offices and our cooperative relationship with universities and State Departments of Agriculture.

Safeguard the privacy of farmers, ranchers, and other data providers, with a guarantee that confidentiality and data security continue to be our top priorities.


Yankee Farm Credit - Building relationships that last generations. For generations, we’ve been helping all types of ag businesses grow with Loans,  Leases,  Tax Services,  Record Keeping Services,  Credit, Life Insurance, Crop Insurance, Payroll Services
Our Branches
Middlebury, VT Tel: 802.388.2692
Derby, VT Tel: 802.334.8050

Albans, VT Tel: 802.524.2938
White River Jct., VT Tel: 802.295.3670


Vermont Farmer Veteran Coalition -

Vermont has started their own chapter of the Farmer Veteran Coalition.


The Mission of Farmer Veteran Coalition is Mobilizing Veterans to Feed America

We cultivate a new generation of farmers and food leaders, and develop viable employment and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities. We believe that veterans possess the unique skills and character needed to strengthen rural communities and create sustainable food systems. We believe that agriculture offers purpose, opportunity, and physical and psychological benefits.


Guiding Principles

WE GUIDE the passion of our veterans so that they may earn for themselves a meaningful, financially sustainable place in the agricultural community. This could entail full-time or part-time employment, or a critical supplement to disability-related income.

WE BELIEVE in the meritocracy of American agriculture, where personal responsibility for one’s actions and individual initiative in pursuit of one’s goals can create personal success. We believe in the fundamental dignity of physical work.

WE ACKNOWLEDGE the plurality of agricultural crops, practices, scale and markets available to our veterans. We honor, guide, and support the practical farming path chosen by each veteran.

WE ARE COMMITTED to leveraging our work through a network of partnerships. This allows us to more effectively help a larger number of veterans, particularly those in the onset of their  civilian careers.

WE SUPPORT all valid national, regional, or crop-specific efforts to connect veterans with agriculture and encourage collaboration instead of competition with other groups providing services to our nation’s veterans.

WE SPONSOR and encourage both employment and self-employment in agriculture, and equally value the contributions made by all members of the agricultural industry who feed America. We recognize the range of opportunities for employment throughout the agricultural economy.

WE RESPECT the privacy of our veterans, and we will assist when we can to get them the support that will help make them stronger farmers. We support and treat the whole veteran. We are aware of  the high number of veterans that return with both visible and invisible wounds.

WE RECOGNIZE the geographic and psychological isolation common to both farmers and veterans. Creating contact between our farmer veterans, and a sense of community amongst them, is an important part of our mission.


Efficiency Vermont


Each year, Efficiency Vermont works to bring the benefits of energy savings to Vermont homes, businesses, and communities. Today, thousands of Vermonters are enjoying homes that are more affordable, comfortable, and healthy. Businesses, big and small, have reduced operating expenses and invested in their growth. And communities are making their municipal budgets go further thanks to cost saving measures like LED street lights or wastewater plant improvements.

At the statewide level, this adds up to even more savings. By using less energy, we defray or avoid costly investments in new transmission lines.



Poulin Grain

Poulin Grain is a fourth generation, Vermont family owned and operated company, with facilities in Newport and Swanton, Vermont and in Canton, New York. Specializing in high quality dairy, equine, pet, and livestock feeds, we are committed to you, our customers, and also our employees.


Champlain Valley Apiaries
We offer both crystallized (or raw honey) and liquid honey for your convenience. Extracted and packed in its natural state, crystallized honey is neither heated nor filtered, thus retaining its original flavor, vitamins and other nutrients. Our liquid honey is heated which delays the crystallization process but preserves as much of the flavor and original properties as possible.



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