Message from President Tisbert May 2022

Over the past few months VTFB has welcomed several new staff members this year. Katherine (Kat) Armstrong, our new office manager, has been a huge asset already, reorganizing our Richmond office. Kat has also taken on the role of Member Benefits Coordinator and is working closely with the AFBF offices around those benefits.

We have put together a new field staff that will bolster the opportunities within VTFB and provide stronger communication and transparency with our membership. I am grateful for the work done by Mary White and our new administrator, Tommy O’Connor, in the creation of this team.

We have broken the state into three manageable regions, and you can read about the field staff in this newsletter. These folks may be contacting you to ask how Farm Bureau can better serve you and how can you better serve your Farm Bureau. If you would like, invite them to your farm and introduce yourselves, tell them about your area, issues, and potential new members. Please contact Kat in our office and she will be happy to share their contact information.

 I am sure you have all been following Jackie Folsom’s (Legislative Director) “Under The Golden Dome” coverage of the state house. Jackie has helped VTFB put together one of our best lobbying teams ever. I am very impressed by the expert coverage we are receiving from Jackie and “Morris Government Affairs LLC.” Bridget, Jill, and Michael have given us the ability to cover more committee meetings than ever, allowing us to bring you the necessary coverage to keep you informed. And don’t forget--our team is only made better by your involvement to comment and participate when farm experience is needed. The legislators want to hear from you, our farmers.

With your help, VTFB is reinstating the county and state awards program. We will need your counties to nominate farm members for many of the following awards at your annual county meetings.



I hope to see you all at our Annual Meeting Day, scheduled for Nov. 4 – 5, 2022 at Lake Champlain Hilton Hotel, in Burlington, Vermont. I also look forward to invitations to meet with you all as you plan, prepare, and meet as counties, especially at your county annual meetings.