Message From President Tisbert
July 2022

Hope you have all had a great early season.


After May being a little wet and not having excessive heat growing been a little slower than we would like. VTFB would like to know how your season is going please sent me an update so your voice can be heard.


The legislative season came to rest I want to congratulate our team led by Jackie Folsom with plenty of help from Bridget Morris and her team. The daily updates we received kept us informed. The team had some great wins and I look forward to getting together with all our members this summer as our resolutions start coming in. The team is putting together informational sheets for our counties to review. Great job from the whole team.


The Vermont State legislature is changing with forty members not seeking re-election. It is more important than ever to reach out to the candidates to speak with the county about their perspectives on agriculture.


Nationally we have been watching a few important issues. AFBF along with the Pork association have requested the Supreme Court take on the California proposition 12. Proposition 12 gives guidelines for animal welfare requirements for any food going into the state. The great news is the federal government has signed on to the case. Hopefully it will encourage the court to take up the case. WOTUS is being discussed and is an area of concern for a lot of farmers and ranchers. Climate change is always a subject that is being talked about check. You can check out what farm bureau is doing by checking out the Food and Agricultural Climate Alliance; FB is a co-founder of this group. The drought across the Western states is a big factor, farms all across the west are cutting production. Labor is having been and will continue to be a high priority for FB. There have been many hold ups getting employees here to support putting food on the table. EPA is also taking up regulation on treated seeds.

The working groups have begun working on the next farm bill. RMA is under some scrutiny. With input cost going have sky rocketed fuel and fertilizer cost the amount for of pay outs are insufficient. It is very important for you to give us your ideas to improve the bill for you.


Looking ahead, on August 17, 2022, in Grand Isle County Farm Bureau will be hosting our summer meeting and picnic. The staff is putting together a great program. Let’s thank Sara Griswold and GICFB for all the great efforts Like scoop a thon to support the Vermont Food Bank and restarting 4 H to the county. Great work! Please plant to attend Following the picnic our Young Farmer group will have a reception following the meeting.